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7/10/2020 12:31:27 PM

Justin Bieber Grabbed By The Throat After Putting Cigarette Out On Rapper Post Malone`s Arm.

justin bieber grabbed by the throat after putting cigarette out on rapper oh

Justin Bieber was grabbed by the throat in a nightclub for being a complete bellend, which will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone.

The 22-year-old rapscallion was partying in a club in Houston, when he suddenly got the urge to stub his cigarette on the arm of rapper Post Malone, who is one of the opening acts on Bieber`s Purpose tour.

It was clearly too late to say sorry for Bieber, because images then emerged of Malone appearing to grab his throat.

It`s not clear whether the two incidents were linked, but if some snotty-nosed kid with shit songs burnt you with a Lambert & Butler, you probably wouldn`t just laugh it off and invite him around to your mum`s house for a Sunday roast, would you?

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Some really funny guy on Twitter also took the opportunity to create a masterful Photoshop picture that should probably be hung up in a museum.

www.theladbible.com 2016 04 13 21 33 55
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