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11/19/2018 5:37:14 AM

Tinder hands girl scholarship after she was 'kicked out' of her sorority due to 'promiscuous' picture on social media.

Sorority Officials Are As Psycho As You Would Think A Chi-Omega sorority girl at the University of Nebraska Omaha was kicked out of her chapter for wearing her Greek letters in a picture on her Tinder profile.
Shannon Workman, who was accused by the Chi-Omega officials that her pictures are “promiscuous or risqué in nature,” said she was utterly humiliated.

Can you blame her?.

Shannon Workman

Not only was the picture post EIGHT MONTHS AGO, but she’s being described to the world as a slut for using a dating app, which is absolutely unfair.

Her mom took to social media to defend her daughter against this bully behavior... 

Tinder Offers Exiled Sorority Girl Scholarship and Internship

You go, mom.I mean, if you look at her face she couldn’t seem any more sweet and undeserving of the punishment... 

shannon tinder

She was called into a disciplinary meeting where she got back at the officials by secretly recording them calling her “disrespectful” and requested for her membership to be revoked.

I’m in a sorority, and yes, they are total prudes. We can’t even have red cups in the backgrounds of our pictures, much less wear our letters in any place or context that might damage our image.

But Chi-O crossed the line and said Shannon went against their “Human Dignity” rule.

tinder scholarship lede

Thank goodness Shannon seems to have a strong head on her shoulders and basically told the Chi-O headquarters to suck it. She told them, “I’m never coming back.”

And lucky for Shannon, Tinder heard the news and reached out to her to offer an entire year’s scholarship to pay for her final year of school and a paid internship.

Revenge is sweet...

tinder shannon

Tinder responded: “We think what Shannon did sends a very empowering message to young women and college students, which is actually one of Tinder’s largest audiences. Don’t conform, don’t let people tell you your beliefs are wrong just because it’s not the same as their beliefs.”
Tinder is changing the world one hook-up at a time, and Shannon is leading the way.Take that, Chi-O...
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