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7/10/2020 12:23:02 AM

This Russian girl breaks the internet again with a new series photos of her doll face and a body like...Yay or Nay?

Meet Julia Vins, also known as `Muscle Barbie`. The 19 year old Russian Power lifter means business. I have no idea how you get arms that big, guy or girl?

Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the online bodybuilding and powerlifting communities, is a 19-year old Russian powerlifter who recently shot to Internet fame after a series of photos showing her doll-like face and impressive physique went viral.

julia vin 21

The Russian powerlifter can deadlift nearly 400lbs. That’s over 28 stone. Or, if you prefer, two Arnold Schwarzeneggers. Or a Welsh pony.

Anyway, Julia’s amassed over 28,000 Instagram followers thanks to her angelic looks and superhero physique. She says she’s known where she lives as ‘Muscle Barbie’.

julia vin 18

julia vin 6

julia vin 24

She says: ‘I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong.’

julia vin 1

julia vin 5

julia vin 11

Despite her massive following, she admits she divides opinion, saying people ‘either respect my work or reprimand me for being a muscly girl.

‘But to be honest, I’ve noticed that the guys who are negative about my athleticism – are just jealous,’ she adds.

julia vin 7

julia vin 8

Julia started to go to the gym at the age of 15 to help build her confidence and give her focus.

julia vin 9

A year later, she met a coach who recognised her potential as a weightlifter.

She now trains four times a week, for three to five hours a time, and eats five or six small meals per day made up of chicken, eggs, cheese, rice and vegetables.

julia vin 3

julia vin 10

julia vin 23

julia vin 25

julia vin 12

julia vin 13

julia vin 17


julia vin 14

julia vin 19

julia vin 16

julia vin 22

A combination of beauty and brawn


More photos of Muscle Barbie HERE

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