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11/15/2019 2:14:02 PM

10 Dads Who Took Their Daughters` Prom Pictures To A Whole New Crime Level

Prom night is filled with potentially terrifying moments, but random boners and unexpected slow dances have nothing on one of the most stressful things a guy will be forced to face over the course of the night: meeting his date’s dad.

So my sisters boyfriend picked up my sister for prom

You never want to stab someone with a dirty knife.

O nothing fancy here just a father advising his daughter`s date before prom.
He`s probably riding shotgun in the limo.

Prom showdown.
I could make a "skeet shooting" joke here, but I`m just going to let you use that phrase for inspiration to make your own.

This is my friend and her boyfriend with her dad... He aint no one to f*ck with on prom.
I`d normally make fun of this guy`s cargo shorts, but I assume that`s where he carries his extra magazine.

A Daughter`s First Prom
"Did she say he was a football player? I could take him."

I went to pick up my prom date the other night. Her father greeted me like this.
This is a man who`s spent his entire life preparing for this day.

a dad giving his daughter`s prom date the speech
The badge was a nice addition to make sure he gets the hint.

This dad knew how to handle prom
I was expecting that dad to be holding a gun, but I guess that`s what I get assuming he was a redneck based on nothing but his appearance.

My prom photo, I will be behaving myself this year at prom!
This might be overkill.

It`s Prom Season

Based on those smiles, this dad might just be really, really protective of his son.
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