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9/15/2019 6:18:10 AM

This Kylie Jenner Instagram Video Will Shatter Your Faith In The Young Generation.

Rob Kardashian has shared a video to his Snapchat that sums up everything that is wrong with our selfie-obsessed generation. The video shows Rob’s younger half-sister Kylie Jenner staring, transfixed, at her own reflection on her phone.

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Kylie is so consumed by the sight of her own face that it’s only when Caitlin Jenner finally calls for Kylie in a louder voice that she sits up and takes notice.

While Kylie is in the middle of trying to capture the latest perfect selfie, Rob calls out to her. But it’s her reaction to his voice that’s the disturbing thing: there isn’t one.

I mean, this whole thing kind of makes sense. The Kardashians are so obsessed with selfies that they can’t even stop taking them when they’re in the car taking a member of their family to jail. I’m not even kidding.
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