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11/14/2018 10:23:19 PM

For god sake of what is called beauty, this is just wrong on so many level!

This woman got injectable filler and was horrified with the result after 3 months.

i got injectable fillers and it ruined my face

"My name is Carol Bryan. I’m 54. I’ve worked in the aesthetic medical industry for years and consider myself very informed.

I starting getting Botox in my late 30s, just for the 11 lines you get between your eyes. I thought, "Why not?" I was very happy I did that. You don’t want to take drastic measures, and this was very subtle.

Then in 2009, when I was 47, doctors told me that at my age, I should try new fillers: Ones that would fill in the volume lost in my forehead and cheekbones. I knew it was safe, but what I didn’t know is that certain fillers are meant only for certain areas. (The FDA now has a definitive list of which cosmetic fillers are approved for which areas, and the risks associated with soft tissue fillers.)

During my procedure, two different fillers—one of which was silicone—were combined in the same syringe and injected into areas they shouldn’t have been.

I had the typical side effects, like bruising and swelling. You expect that, so you don’t get alarmed. But three months after the procedure, I was terrified of what I looked like. There was no sugarcoating it. I was told I’d need to have some corrective procedures, which I did, but those procedures just worsened the damage.

screen shot 2016 04 25 at 8.53.29 am.png

The result of the injections and corrective procedures, 2013

I never wanted to look at myself. I washed my face without looking. I brushed my hair without looking. I lived with a hat, a scarf, and glasses on.

The worst part was the seclusion and knowing I couldn’t face the world again. That was not something I could wrap my head around. I felt like a pariah. I didn’t even think I’d survive it. I wasn’t planning to take my own life, but I just wasn’t sure how I was going to continue by secluding myself."

Carol spent more than a year and went through 3 surgeries in 2013 to get her look back and this is her in 2016.

carol after 145.png

April 2016

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