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10/21/2018 4:26:47 AM

A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn`t Do Meth

The wonders of methamphetamine are put on full display here as we have a woman who seems to be stuck in a bush, but claims she is looking for a drive shaft in the dirt! This is a classic case of how meth creates warped and absolutely insane realities in the minds of the user.

This person offers to help out the woman, but is soon the victim of having to endure a classic meth rant! She goes on about having to take an engine apart, and while she came across all the electrical components, the one missing piece is the darn drive shaft! But of course she is not sure what a drive shaft looks like. She appears to be digging through the dirt in hopes that the darn drive shaft will indeed turn up.

She’s definitely tweaking pretty hard.

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