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7/7/2020 3:26:33 AM

This Beautiful Asian Woman is Voted One of the Best Female Poker Players in the World


Maria Ho, 33, is considered one of the best female poker player in the world. She has raked in $2.6 million in poker earnings and is the first woman to ever serve as a strategic commentator for a poker TV broadcast.

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Ho was born in Taiwan and emigrated with her family to the United States when she was around 5 years old. Her parents were in pursuit of the American dream and instilled a hard-working ethic in their young daughter.


Her parents valued higher education and were disappointed when she chose a career as a professional poker player. Ho attended the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a degree in communication studies in 2005. She originally aspired to be a lawyer, but decided the path wasn’t for her after hearing the experiences of her friends in law school. She took a gap year after undergraduate and that’s when she started playing poker professionally.


“I have one older sister. She has a PhD in clinical psychology and she’s a professor at Pepperdine. So obviously in comparison to my sister, my parents probably still to this day feel a little bit disappointed in me. They do give me a hard time about it. I can’t really live for my parents’ approval forever.”


Her biggest single tournament prize happened in 2011 at the World Series of Poker where Ho brought home $540,000 for being runner-up.

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There are a lot of highs and lows in poker, which can make it emotionally draining for those who play it for a living. Ho’s biggest loss in her career was in a high-stakes cash game where she lost $50,000 in a matter of four to five hours.

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For those who are curious about trying their hand at poker, Ho says it’s not as glamorous as it may seem.

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Aside from poker, Ho doesn’t really play any other casino games as she prefers to have an edge in any game she plays. She does, however, coach other players in the game and believes anyone can become a winning poker player if they put in enough time to study and practice. However, she  believes that there is a slight innate ability that separates good poker players from great ones.

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Ho has earned roughly $2.6 million in poker winnings and said that she puts a good amount of her fortune back into poker to move up in stakes. She explained her poker strategy approach that will help her generate money long term.

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“I definitely invested in a few things. My parents do real estate for a living and that’s one thing they can be proud of. I saved some money and have not squandered it because they taught me from a young age that it’s important to save and invest your money. I don’t need a lot of nice things (of course I like nice things) but a lot of people get caught up in a lifestyle. I’ll spend money on taking my friends on trips and experiences, but I don’t need fancy — it’s just not something that I need.”

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Poker has provided Ho with a number of opportunities such as being a contestant on the CBS Emmy Award Winning show “The Amazing Race 15” in 2009 with her pro poker best friend, Tiffany Michelle. Being a professional poker player also affords Ho the time and money to work with charities and donate to causes she feels strongly about. In the past, Ho has volunteered with homeless shelters and supported the National Kidney foundation.

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As for the future, Ho plans to be involved in social entrepreneurship and start her own non-profit. She also seems to always have something in the works and has dipped her feet into TV broadcasting and hosting. As for poker, Ho doesn’t see herself playing full time in the next three to five years. However, she says it will always have a special place in her life.

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