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5/31/2020 1:37:58 AM

The Internet stumped and even adults have problem solving this Train Station Problem! But can you find the answer?

`The Train Station Problem`

This challenging puzzle first started circulating as a photo, snapped of a Year 2 math workbook from the U.K.

People were immediately impressed by the complexity of the word problem for such young kids.

Kids that are considered “Year 2? in the U.K. school system are 6 or 7, because the U.K. doesn’t have kindergarten. That makes them roughly the same age as first-graders in the U.S.

People were even more impressed when they read the problem, detailed above, and quickly realized that even grown-ups were having a hard time with it!

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town

asian town

Try your answer before you read the result.

naruto naruto shippuuden challenge accepted

The final statement of the word problem tells us which piece of information we need in order to finish the puzzle.

There are a two different ways to arrive at the answer:

1.) You can work backward from 63, and subtract the 17 passengers that came on, and add the 19 passengers that left, until you are back at the original number.

2.) Or, for a bit of a shortcut, you can get the difference of 19 and 17, and add to the 63 people we have after everyone has gotten off and on the train.

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