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5/26/2019 5:53:27 PM

This girl`s angsty and depression diary about her love life she wrote when she was 7 went viral on the internet

this girl s angsty and depression diary about her love life she wrote when she was will make you laugh all day

16 year old Madie from Utah, USA has found her old diary about her love life she wrote and shared it on her twitter, the reason it went rival you have to read it to get it!


I don`t know if I can do this anymore. I think I have depression. Today at school my crush Riley was chasing other girls on the playground! I thought he liked me. And guess who he was chasing! Jessica! She is such a player! She hugs at least 5 boys every day! I am mad at her. I think I will tell Riley her secret. She wears pull ups! After he finds out he won`t like her anymore.


My depression is getting strong. Today is Valentine`s Day. I made Riley a valentine. Me and Katelyn stayed up all night making it. Before Riley got to school I put it in his desk (number 22 <3). When he got to school he looked in his desk and found my box. I wrote anonymous on it so he didn`t know it was from me. Right when he looked at it he threw it away. I am still cng. I have depression.


Worst day ever. Riley told me he likes Jessica. I am done with boys. I want to kill all of them.

Unsurprisingly, the note got some attention when Madie posted it to Twitter. It`s gathered over 10,000 retweets since being posted yesterday.

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