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8/11/2020 6:38:46 AM

11 Life Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know!

#1Keep Your Bra From Showing

Just sew in one of these bra-strap grabbers!

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#2Old Shoes?

Don`t throw out your favorite old heels or even flats! Instead upgrade them with fabric. It`ll take a steady hand, but here`s an easy tutorial that will show you how: youtube.com/watch?v=zny4qZFYZpw

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#3Flat Iron I

Use your flat iron as a regular iron when your in a pinch and traveling. The flat iron gets super hot so be careful on silks and synthetics.

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#4Flat Iron II

Curling your hair with a flat iron creates beautiful, long lasting, natural-looking curls! Twist the iron rather than running it straight through your hair. The results are fab!

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#5Stockings & Tights

Did you know you can avoid runs in your nylons and tights by spraying them with hairspray? Just be sure to spray stockings before putting them on!

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#6Cheap Rings & Clear Coat Polish

Is your skin sensitive to cheap metal rings? Avoid turning your fingers green by applying clear coat nail polish to the inside of your rings, avoid applying on gems!

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#7Smart Travel Packing

Pack your shoes in a shower cap or veggie plastic bags to keep the clothes in your suitcase clean while traveling.

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#8Nail Polish Bottle Fix

Hard to open polish bottles happen especially on older polishes, but you can wrap a rubber band around the lid for extra grip.

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#9Stinky Jeans?

Ever have a pair of favorite jeans you forgot to wash BUT want to wear tomorrow? Leave your jeans in the freezer overnight. "It`ll `shock` the bacteria and make your jeans smell much better, without any washing."

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#10Bobby Pin Project

Give your bobby pins an upgrade with nail polish. Use fun colors and even glittery polishes!

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#11De-fuzz Sweaters & Knits

You can use your foot pumice stone on any knitted garment to remove fuzz balls. You`ll be amazed on how well it works!

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