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12/12/2018 6:02:46 AM

14 Breakup Snapchats That Had to Sting

Call me maybe?
asian town
What about text? Can I still text you? Break ups are the worst!

You & Me
asian town
Wow, way to ruin several relationships! How are you and your sister going to talk now?

Now you have
asian town
I`m not sure what she`s saying here. We`ll just talk about it on our next date, right?

asian town
Someone needs to tell this person that relationships are more an idea and can`t have a speed associated with them. As much as we want them to be, they aren`t cars.

asian town
GTFO? Get Those Flowers Outside? That doesn`t make sense. Silly Snapchatter.

Whole bottle
asian town
Technically, ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and not a pain killer. This Snapchat is ill-informed.

On fleek
asian town
It should be your communication skills "are" weak. Grammar is important.

asian town
Whose are they? The mystery is literally killing me. I have to know. I have to.

Friends with benefits
asian town
Being burned with a Justin Timblerlake movie poster is the harshest burn of them all. Good one, lady.

House moving
asian town
It`s okay, this couple actually lived in several houses on the same property. It`s not as harsh as you think it is.

This guy
asian town
Finally, there`s this guy. After his girlfriend broke up with him, he went on an epic, Snapchat-break up rant that`s just great. Here are some of our favorites.

asian town
I would`ve bet on you guys, bro. Don`t be sad.

All these radars
asian town

Technically, radars aren`t designed to find happiness. I get what you are talking about though.

All the lights
asian town
He really should have bought more lights. That`s the only solution here.

All these jackets
asian town
Maybe she has hypothermia? You should take her to the hospital.
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