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2/17/2019 8:59:03 PM

These Reasons Why Men Cheat Will Surprise You. Totally Agree With #13

If you’ve ever been a relationship with someone who has cheated, you probably would have done anything to have known that it was coming. There are a few signs that can tell you your man is cheating. You will read some of these and think to yourself, “If I only knew then...”

‘Sex Makes You Happy’

It is a complete myth that men need sex to be happy. They also need mental stimulation. According to WebMD, 48 percent of men said that emotional dissatisfaction was the reason they cheated on their partners.

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There are a few men out there that cheat simply to avoid intimacy within the relationship. The intimacy is scary to them, so they distance themselves from the woman by getting another woman involved.

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An Out

He may simply want “an out” from the relationship. If he’s wanting to leave you, he may cheat on you to really prove it to himself that he wants to go.

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Just A Liar

Maybe your guy cheated because he is just a liar. That’s right. Maybe he never intended to be monogamous in the first place.

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A lot of men cheat because their expectations are too high. They want their partner to meet all of their sexual emotional and physical needs at all times. No one can do that.

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Some men have a legitimate reason to cheat. If their libido is faster than yours, they may need to lower their urge. The best way to do that is to have sex.

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No Friends

If your guy doesn’t have friends, he may feel like stepping out on the relationship. Without friends, he has no peer community besides for you (not healthy). Then, he feels like cheating.

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Overall Confusion

Maybe he is confused about love and that’s why he cheats. Many men confused that at-first-sight feeling with love. In reality, the trust and honesty beyond the initial falling-in-love is what love truly is.

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If your guy cheats, he may be insecure. Men have insecurities too. To make up for his insecurities, he watches porn, talks to other girls, or goes out and goes all the way with some random one-night stand.

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Sex addiction, while it sounds like a cop out, is a real thing. Instead of drugs or alcohol, the man you were with was addicted to sex. They may have even drank heavily or had problems with drugs in the past.

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He may be working too much and needs to “let off steam.” He thinks that this period of time where he wanders from the relationship will make his partner ready to comply to all of their needs.

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Damaged Goods

He could have already been damaged before you two met. Maybe he had a girlfriend before you and got hurt. Maybe he had a bad childhood, either way, he has trouble remaining faithful.

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Not The Looks

Only 12 percent of men said their mistress was more attractive than their wife. They aren’t stepping out because of looks.

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Control Issues

Men cheat because they want to be in complete control of a situation. Maybe they feel like you are about to leave them or that they don’t have control over you, so they find something they can control.

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Maturity Levels

When it comes down to it, a lot of men simply are not mature enough to be in a relationship. He may think that if you don’t find out, he is not hurting you.

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