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10/15/2018 9:18:24 AM

How World`s Fattest Woman Fed Her Giant Belly

Donna Simpson, the world`s fattest woman, ate for Christmas dinner. 30,000 calories! Scroll down to see how she fed het giant belly

donna simpson 02 jpg

Two 25lb turkeys

christmas dinne 01 jpg

Two maple-glazed hams

christmas dinne 02 jpg

15lb roasted potatoes ( around 30 potatoes)

christmas dinne 03 jpg

5 lb mashed potatoes

christmas dinne 04 jpg

5 loaves of bread

christmas dinne 05 jpg

5lb of stuffing

christmas dinne 06 jpg

3 litres of gravy

christmas dinne 07 jpg

3 litres of cranberries

christmas dinne 08 jpg


christmas dinne 09 jpg

A “salad” made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies

christmas dinne 10 jpg

This is more than a meal of an elephant    great lady!  try your best to keep the record Worlds fattest woman

donna simpson 01 jpg

donna simpson 03 jpg

donna simpson 04 jpg

donna simpson 05 jpg

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