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11/21/2018 6:51:49 PM

These Extraordinary Illustrations Depict the Insanities of Modern Society in a Satirical Way (13 pics)

These two cartoonists from Romania have doubted the custom norms through their satirical illustrations for more than 30 years. Themes like war, religion, politics, as well as immoral or superficial behavior in modern society, are some of their topics. Their controversial point of view towards everyday aspects is what makes their artworks fascinating and unique.

“True love”, “The opening ceremony of life”, “The truth about original sin”, “Soldier’s future through the centuries”, on how war has destroyed the future of many people, and “Modern times, modern love…” on how digital development has affected human relationships, are only few of their brilliant artworks.

True Love

true love

The Opening Ceremony of Life

The Opening Ceremony Of Life

The Truth about Original Sin

The Truth About Original Sin

Soldier’s Future Through the Centuries

Soldier`s future through the centuries

Modern Times, Modern Love…

Modern times modern love



The Revolutionary’s “Victory”

The Revolutionarys Victory

The Bible Corrected by God

The Bible Corrected By God

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster

The Cure for Stupidity

The Cure For Stupidity

Two Prisoners

Two Prisoners

Doctor or Veterinary? Both!

Doctor or Veterinary

The Brain

the brain

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