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4/3/2020 7:35:36 AM

Someone needs to give this couple their own reality show called `Rich Kids of Shanghai`. Man picks bride up in helicopter, causes massive traffic jam.

In a show of wealth, the Chinese couple in question, turned more than a few heads when they chartered a helicopter to pick them up in the middle of a busy road to transport them to their undisclosed wedding ceremony location on Sunday.

According to Chinese local reports, the unnamed newlyweds are both from extremely wealthy and influential families. So wealthy that they got permission from the authorities to shut down traffic on Nanyuan Road in Shanghai for an hour.

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So while traffic came to a standstill, passersby witnessed as a red carpet was rolled out onto the road.

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As the bride decked out in her wedding gown stood by with her bridal party and security guards, the chopper soon arrived with her groom already onboard.

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The groom disembarked to pick up his bride, and the newlyweds reportedly took off with big grins on both their faces.

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Although traffic was allowed to resume after the bride and groom were well on their way to their wedding, pictures of the parade made its way online, inviting the anger of Chinese netizens.

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Some unimpressed Weibo users have demanded to know why the couple were allowed to close down a road without any care for the locals.

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