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8/5/2020 7:33:39 AM

Get a 2nd BRAIN from Sharp

You are wrong if you think this product is the latest product of netbook from Sharp because this is actually a dictionary electronics (Digital Distionary) with “brain”. Called “Brain” (PW-TC980) because this digital dictionary can load more data from the dictionary until encyclopedia. The “Brain” can update the database via the internet connection on the computer to connect. With this update function, to make the digital dictionary PW-TC980 always get the latest word without having to replace them and can even be used for tens of years.

Thanks to its 5” touchscreen (and 100MB of internal memory), you can to write or draw notes on a particular page, nice if you`re a student or use an electronic dictionary on a daily basis. (see picture below).

Both the PW-AC890 and GC590 are similar, only their contents are different with the later built for students with additional pre-recorded voice notes, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Dimensions are 45x108x22.4mm for a total weight of 360g. They go in Japan for around 37,000 to 40,000 Yen. Well, I dont know if it has come to US market but even though, we will have it soon. Check out for more pictures.






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