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4/28/2017 12:28:37 AM

Asian Makeup Artist Magically Transforms Herself Into A Taylor Swift Look-Alike

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If you're T-Swift's biggest fan, I guarantee your jaw will drop when you see how one makeup artist managed to transform herself into Taylor's doppelganger without going under the knife. Pony, the artist not only demonstrates the power of makeup, but also how the right set of products and techniques can dramatically alter anyone's appearance. To see her work magically unfold, keep reading.

img.diply.com/article images/a/1390eda5 0be0 4e95 829f c4f8505401da.jpg?impolicy=desktop
Pony's makeover starts off like most. With a quality foundation and a fierce round of highlighting and contouring, she creates a solid base for the rest of her process.

img.diply.com/article images/a/efb5876e 13e0 4f72 a151 610b7756f2da.jpg?impolicy=desktop
Next, a meticulous brow technique that includes perfect shaping and coloring.

img.diply.com/article images/a/e8ff9ccb 28af 4971 98a9 7edc6162973e.jpg?impolicy=desktop
Once her brows are complete, PONY focuses on a more detailed contour and highlight, specifically altering the shape of her nose.

img.diply.com/article images/a/73f6a276 b52c 407b b0e3 ba9c0d95427e.jpg?impolicy=desktop
She then uses a set of brown shadows to achieve a rich base for the more dramatic tones she will be using later.

img.diply.com/article images/a/b067f06e 3cd6 4306 95f5 f0e5bfdc3c2b.jpg?impolicy=desktop
Up next? A classic cat eye using jet black gel eyeliner...

img.diply.com/article images/a/0329d52a dd94 4758 a715 5de6e707154d.jpg?impolicy=desktop
...Which is then beautifully accented with a shimmery, rose gold pencil.

img.diply.com/article images/a/0ad25935 37a1 44f8 850a f1d92a83287b.jpg?impolicy=desktop

Pony uses a set of grays and browns to subtly change the shape of her eyelid.

img.diply.com/article images/a/95b24d75 468e 4838 9379 017cfdcee8f9.jpg?impolicy=desktop
She then adds a sleek liquid liner to the mix, which really brings the Taylor look to life.

img.diply.com/article images/a/9145803f 0d28 4d17 8dfe 98127732c22a.jpg?impolicy=desktop
A set of false lashes...

img.diply.com/article images/a/29a1059d 8f5f 4b9e b8b7 7c665007eab6.jpg?impolicy=desktop
... And T-Swift's signature red lips...

img.diply.com/article images/a/731875e1 e6f3 4223 bb12 b71217945c81.jpg?impolicy=desktop

... Results in an amazing transformation that seems too good to be true!

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