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5/22/2019 3:30:05 PM

Girl Creates App That Solves The Problem Of Sitting Alone At Lunch

Meet Natalie Hampton.

Natalie is a 16-year-old who decided to take a stand against bullying by creating an app.

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Natalie created an app called "Sit With Us" to help stem bullying.

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What the app does is truly amazing.

It allows people to become "ambassadors," and tell people where they`re having lunch. Then, instead of eating alone, people can join in on lunches with other people. It also saves them the embarrassment of trying to sit at a table, only to be told to leave.

Natalie`s reasoning behind creating the app is even more touching.

It stems all the way back to when she was in the seventh grade...

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When she was younger, Natalie was a victim of bullying.

She was often ostracized and forced to sit alone at lunch, simply because other girls didn`t "like" her. After switching schools, she was able to fit in better and avoid bullying, but it still haunted her.

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In order to make sure it never happened to anyone else, she came up with Sit With Us.

She took her negative past and turned it into something positive that could benefit the rest of the world.

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Natalie`s drive and desire to help others is truly heartwarming.

Not to mention that it will likely go a long way in making sure everyone is included!

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