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10/15/2019 4:55:47 PM

This Woman Found A Rat`s Head While Biting Into Her Fried Chicken


Is Zardulu back to her old tricks or did a Popeyes in Harlem serve a woman a deep fried rat`s head? These are the questions we`re faced with today following a Facebook post post by a woman who claims to have discovered a battered and deep-fried rodent head amidst pieces of fried chicken in an order from a Popeyes on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. That`s the great thing about fast food: "at least you know what you`re getting."

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As first reported by DNAinfo, Rosemary Thomas posted a photoset of the alleged rodent addition to Facebook last night. "Friends and family, this is a meal Popeyes in Harlem served my daughter, my niece and sister," she says in the caption. "This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health."

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Health Department records show that the restaurant does currently boast an A grade.
A rep for Popeyes corporate told DNAinfo they were investigating the claims and that when odd food items are found amongst the chicken parts it "usually turn[s] out to be chicken organs." Organs...with eyes!
The photos make a compelling case for Deep Fried Rat, but nothing will beat the legendary Rat Wrap of 2014.
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