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12/10/2019 6:56:46 PM

Female workers forced to line up and kiss their boss everyday before beginning work at Beijing company

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A company in Beijing has come up with an unusual and incredibly offensive way to improve working relations between employees and managers.

Every morning, between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m., female staff members are required to line up and kiss their boss before beginning work at a company selling home brewery equipment in Tongzhou District.

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Photos of the shocking daily routine went viral on Chinese social media on Friday. Many Weibo users wondered how the female workers could continue working in such a repulsive environment.

"How can these female workers accept this? Do their boyfriends or husbands know?"

"I want to ask these female workers: Do you have no money? Would you starve if you changed jobs?"

"The boss is a perv, but the workers are foolish."

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Well, according to a Sohu report, while the women were initially reluctant to attend the morning ceremony, almost all of them have since given in to their boss` demand. Only two female staff members absolutely refused to kiss their boss and resigned from the company.

Meanwhile, the boss claims that the practice helps to create a closer bond between employees and managers (like fish and water), and says that some female workers really miss him when he is gone, sending him messages on WeChat. He also claims that he picked up the idea while visiting a company in the United States.

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