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10/18/2018 6:47:50 PM

Millionaire Who Gave Boyfriend Long List Of Holiday Rules Dumps Him

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Remember the millionaire who gave her boyfriend a really long and bizarre list of rules before he went on a lad`s holiday to Ibiza?

Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, they`ve split up.

The long list of dos and don`ts demanded that boyfriend Connor George, 21, didn`t speak to girls, didn`t interact with girls on social media and that if he wanted a shot, he must absolutely not buy it from a shot-girl.

He was also forbidden from being a wingman to his mates. The pair laughed about her rules at the time and he even promised to wear the T-shirt she had made which had: "If you are reading this you are too close to my boyfriend" written on it as well as a picture of the happy couple.

There`s no suggestion that Connor didn`t stick to her rules, by the way - in fact, a friend of the couple said that they just `weren`t on the same wavelength`.

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