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9/15/2019 6:20:43 AM

Hotel guest dragged from his room and beaten up for having really loud sex

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After a particularly passionate lovemaking session, one Chinese man had himself a hard night of being dragged out of his hotel room and beaten up by another hotel guest, furious at having been woken up by all the loud sex.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 13th at a hotel in Beihai, Guangxi where a group of businessmen checked in for a night of good sleep before a meeting the next morning, NetEase reports. However, one of the businessmen, surnamed Zhang, was unable to get any shut-eye, being jolted awake in the middle of the night by the sounds of the couple next door loudly screwing.

Annoyed, Zhang got out of bed and knocked on the door, shouting at the couple to keep it down in there. Instead, the man inside, surnamed Lei, shouted back out at Zhang with a string of obscenities. Things escalated from there.

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Apparently, all this commotion managed to wake up Zhang`s coworkers, who looked on as he proceeded to kick the door down and drag Lei outside. In the ensuing fight through the hotel`s halls, Zhang punched, kicked and eventually stripped Lei to the waist.

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The brawl was only stopped when local authorities arrived and got between the two men.

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In the end, Zhang admitted that he might have over-reacted to the situation and agreed to pay Lei 15,000 yuan for the damage he had caused.

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