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10/15/2018 1:30:36 PM

Did This Mom Take It Too Far After Her Daughter Bullied A Girl With Cancer?

When it comes to punishing your kids, how far is too far? One mom is stirring up controversy after a video of her shaving her teenage daughter`s hair went viral. The reason for the cruel and unusual punishment? Her daughter bullied a girl with cancer.

No parent likes to hear that their child has been a bully, especially when it involves someone with an illness or disability. This mom wanted to teach her daughter a lesson that she would never forget.

She grabbed an electric razor and started shaving the teen`s thick, black hair so that she would know what it`s like to be bald. The girl will now have to face her peers with an embarrassing haircut and maybe even deal with being bullied herself.

Watch as the mom struggles to shave her screaming daughter`s hair.

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