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10/18/2018 6:16:52 AM

Little girls scream in horror as thrown into snake pits as part of school training camp in Malaysia

A video purporting to show frightened Malaysian schoolgirls forced to walk through a muddy snake pit has led to the suspension of the organizers. The ordeal was part of a team-building exercise at a camp supported by the Malaysian Civil Defense Department.

The three-minute video shows the terrified girls screaming and crying after being told to cross a muddy pool which they were told contained two pythons. As they waded through the pool, more snakes were thrown in.

The girls were also told to “get in and dive” by male instructors who were not seen in the footage. As they try to climb out, a person can be seen on video spraying them with a hose. The men could also be heard laughing in the background.

The exercise was held in the western state of Perak, and was conducted by a school and the Civil Defense Department.

The department has suspended four coaches and six assistants for their role in the exercise, pending internal investigations, according to Reuters.

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