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8/13/2020 2:40:31 AM

Why Ex`s Cant Be `Just Friends` (SHOCKING RESULTS!)

So this one gets a little complicated.. Andrew wants to test his fairly new girlfriend of 6 months with her EX BOYFRIEND! He`s playing in dangerous territories here...
The reason he thinks she will go for him:
1) She constantly brings her ex bf up like he`s the one that got away..
2) Compares little things Andrew does to her Ex, similarities they share..
3) Use to constantly Facebook stalk her ex, like his photos, leave comments.. until HER EX blocked her!

Andrew swears, that if given the chance, she`ll go for her ex.. in a HEART BEAT!

So.. the challenge was reaching out to her Ex, convincing him to try this out ($$$), and to not tell her... ($$$$)... the problem is, he`s not an actor, he`s never done anything "SECRET CAMERA" or Spying on someone.. so he was a bit uncomfortable knowing this would be recorded... in fact, he ALMOST backed out at last minute.. but Luis was quite charming, with convincing him to go on with it $$$$$$$... He was nervous doing this.

Before the day of encounter, her Ex told us he just KNEW she`s still deeply in love with him.. so... let`s just see how easy she will be for him...
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