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8/13/2020 1:59:16 AM

Thief Casually Steals 86 Pound Bucket Of Gold Flakes Worth $1.6 Million From An Armored Truck

Police in New York City are looking for a quick-thinking thief who stole an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes worth nearly $1.6 million off an armored truck in Manhattan.

The unidentified thief swiped the 5-gallon metal bucket off the back of the vehicle on Sept. 29 when a guard briefly went to the truck`s cab to reportedly retrieve his cellphone.

The incident occurred in broad daylight on West 48th Street in New York City`s Midtown section. Police say the suspect likely didn`t know what the bucket contained.

Police say the thief lugged the gold flakes up the street, taking an hour to complete what would normally be considered a 10-minute walk. He then hopped into a white van and fled.

The suspect is believed to be hiding out in Florida.
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