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5/27/2020 4:06:06 PM

Man-Made Rainbow Will Have You Wondering How They Did It…

Most rainbows appear shortly after rain has occurred except this rainbow.

The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, is typically filled with classic art pieces from decades and even hundreds of years ago. Recently, however, the gallery has been blessed with a new refreshing art installation by Mexican-born artist, Gabriel Dawe.

Dawe has created an amazing man-made rainbow and placed it right in the middle of the gallery. He did it by connecting and intertwining thousands of multicolored threads with each other.

Dawe specializes in mixed media and installations made out of colored threads. As a result, the threads look like light beams bouncing around confined spaces.

Nice shot of Plexus35. Repost @musicforever229···Plexus no. 35  Gabriel Dawe   Awesome Art installation using thread by @gabrieldawe @toledomuseum art artinstallation toledomuseumofart toledo ohio jjohio ohioexplored artmuseum 419moment ?? gabrieldawe plexusno35 plexus35

This one is his most recent installation, titled "Plexus no. 35," which will be in the Toledo Museum of Art`s Great Gallery until January 22nd, 2017.

I forgot to mention in my last post, you can also plan a trip to @byumoa to see Plexus29. gabrieldawe plexusseries

As the holiday season begins, why not plan a trip to one of the current Plexus installations in public view? Plexus35 @toledomuseum, PlexusC18 sanantonioairport, Plexus34 @theamoncarter, Plexus27 @crystalbridgesmuseum, gabrieldawe plexusseries holiday

The installation`s brightly colored composition contrasts the surrounding rich shades in the classic paintings of old masters.

Plexus35 at night. toledomuseumofart oldmasters GabrielDawe

Repost @yayasheshe···Working on lighting today! This space is gorgeous. GabrielDawe plexus35

"Plexus no. 35" was site-specific work that was designed specifically for Toledo Museum of Art.

@yayasheshe and I at it a couple days ago.  Plexus35 workinprogress gabrieldawe Repost @aweberphoto···Gabriel Dawe works on installing Plexus no. 35 at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Day 7 of installing Plexus35. newandimproved nowwithstripes workinprogress toledomuseumofart oldmasters gabrieldawe

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