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5/27/2020 3:32:33 PM

Carrying high moutain of bricks with Head

I just found a very nice scene about an Africa boy is doing his work, the boy is carrying bricks from a boat to the land. His work is physical work, it is hard and I think he does it very well. I had been to Africa, Ghana, Nigeria etc, carrying stuffs on peoples head is not a strange fact, every one, even children do it. I`ve even seen a women with 2 babies, one in front, one at the back, and carrying a big plate on her head selling food....just for living....amazing Africa women! 


Concerning about the brick boy, sometimes I pay like $100 for my sister to buy a ticket to go to a circus to watch something like this, but this boy might even work better than the one in the circus, çause he is doing it for living. And dont forget, he only earns like max $10/ day 


Watch the video:


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