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9/19/2019 11:14:32 AM

Worlds first mechanical cellphone Costs 300,000 dollars

Costs 300 thousand dollars and a luxury mobile phone very complicated. Baptized Celsius X VI II LEDIX, a symbol whose extension remembers the names of aristocratic dynasties. Certainly the average consumer will make less easily, partly because its finances will not allow it.

But those lucky people who have rivers of money, can complement this gem to their collection of sports cars, , dream villas and yachts fabulous . Spending, in fact, would weigh on the stock of their household. The problem, if anything, might be to choose between a chronograph and this exclusive accessory for mobile communication. Some rich will buy them both, to resolve the doubt


celsius phone xl jpg

Celsius X VI II LeDIX 587x405 jpg

Celsius X VI II LeDIX1 587x316 jpg

Celsius X VI II LeDIX2 587x291 jpg

Celsius X VI II LeDIX3 587x401 jpg

CELSIUS X VI II mechanical phone fold up jpg

celsius phone frans jpg

CELSIUS X VI II mechanical phone jpg

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