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7/13/2020 1:23:26 AM

Kung Fu Deer video

THE hunter became the hunted when this furious deer took revenge on the man who shot it. Randy Goodman, 47, from Missouri, in the US, shot the stag twice with his rifle and assumed the beast was dead.

But seconds later the 240lb deer came back to life and turned on Goodman, knocking him to the ground and pounding him with its hooves.

Now Goodman, a veteran hunter who described the attack just before Christmas as “fifteen seconds of hell”, has had the indignity of having to watch the deer take top billing in an internet video watched by more than three million people.

After the attack the deer ran a short distance before collapsing. Goodman was able to recover enough to fire two more shots, making sure the angry animal was definitely dead this time. He then drove himself to hospital were he received seven stitches to his head.


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