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7/12/2020 3:16:33 AM

Mercedes Develops Split View Navigation Screen

It`s becoming more and more apparent that the days of long road trips spent talking to your passengers are pretty much dead. With more complicated stereo systems and in dash DVD, you can cruise along for hours without saying a word to anyone else inside the cabin. Mercedes has added another link to this chain, in the form of a multi-view LCD screen.


 The LCD screen is positioned in the center of the dash, where a navigation system should be, and is easily viewed by both the driver and passenger. Here`s the trick. If you are in the driver`s seat, you only see a navigation screen with directions, whereas if you are in the passenger seat, you can watch whatever you like...on the same screen.

 The system, named SplitView Command, was developed by Bosch and uses an 8 inch display with a built in filter that essentially splits a single image into 2 separate images. The system works by projecting both images, with the pixels adjacent to each other, at the same time. From there, the screen was set up to filter out certain pixels, depending on viewing angle, and effectively divide the images back into the two original images




All of the information that is usually available to the driver from the Navigation system will still be there. In addition, the passenger will be able to watch DVD`s, or channel surf to find their favorite program or watch music videos. There is also a headphone jack that will allow the passenger to enjoy their program without disturbing the driver. The system is set to debut on the 2009 S-Class. 

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