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12/13/2018 9:24:34 AM

Hey I brought you guys a Wiimote Cake


 This is really cool ! A 9-year-old boy received the birthday cake of his life in the form of a giant  Wiimote. At the request of one very loving parent, pastry chef Roshel Michaeli from Schicks Gourmet Bakery got to work meticulously measuring the Wiimote before scaling it to feed a small to medium army of children. The chocolate cake with mousse filling was coated with (edible) rolled fondant, depicting the Wiimote's buttons in perfect detail—including even a properly shaped expansion port in the bottom.

The custom cake cost $360, but it's a memory the child will not soon forget. Though without a strap, this thing will make a huge mess all over the TV. oh I wish I got a diamond birthday cake for my birthday 

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