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8/7/2020 2:42:17 PM

Miss America 2009 - Swimsuit Competition

 America Pageant was held tonight and a new winner was crowned: Miss Indiana Katie Stam. One of the surprises of the night was when Miss New York was asked about Sarah Palin during the question and answer session. Scroll down to watch the swimsuit competition:

   Part  I


The Miss America pageant has its TLC reality television debut Saturday night. Earlier in the week the contestants had the swimsuit competition on the road to the finale.


 Part II



 Here you go, ladies in black bikini

Miss New York won the swimsuit portion of a preliminary competition


Gretchen Bergquist, Miss Nebraska


Janet Harding, Miss Washington


Jennifer Lynn Hepner, Miss Montana




Jennifer Lynn Hepner, Miss Montana, Elise Davis, Miss Idaho, Natalie C. Shaw, Miss New Hampshire, Emily Ann Cox, Miss Kentucky, and Karissa Renee' Martin, Miss Ohio 

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