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8/13/2020 2:00:56 AM

Pictures of Hot Vietnamese Celebrities

hot viet celebrity jpg

Since everyone get too much info about Kpop celebrities, why not check out some hot Viet celebrities then !!  

Model and actress Elly Tran Ha

elly tran ha bikini in sohu 5 jpg

Elly tran ha jpg

Elly tran ha1 jpg

Elly tran ha2 jpg



Signer and model Ho Ngoc Ha, Cuong Dollar`s girl friend , link here ( Cuong Dollar is one of the richest Vietnamese teen boy with ridiculous super cars collection ) 

ho ngoc ha 1 jpg

ho ngoc ha2 jpg

Model Huong Lan

Huong lan jpg

Huong lan2 jpg


 Ly Nha Ky

ly nha ky 010 jpg


Model Mai Phuong Thuy

mai phuong thuy jpg

mai phuong thuy2 jpg

mai phuong thuy4 jpg

Mai Phuong Thuy5 jpg

Mai Phuong Thuy6 jpg


Hot girl Midu

midu 1 jpg

Midu 2 jpg

Midu jpg


Singer Minh Tuyet, who is living in the US at the moment, im sure any Vietnamese on here knows her

Minh Tuyet jpg

Minh tuyet jpg

Minh Tuyet1 jpg



Singer and actress Ngo Thanh Van

Ngo Thanh Van 4 jpg

Actress Ngo Thanh Van and actor Johnny Tri Nguyen

Ngo Thanh Van Tri Nguyen jpg



Teen model 12 year old Ngoc Han

Ngoc Han jpg

Ngoc han2 jpg

Ngoc han4 jpg

t432244 jpg


Magazine model Ngoc Quyen

Ngoc quyen jpg

Ngoc quyen1 jpg

Ngoc quyen2 jpg



Model Nguyen Ha Anh who is living in the UK

Nguyen Ha Anh jpg

Nguyen Ha Anh3 jpg

Model Thai Ha

thai ha 82 jpg

Thai Ha and Hieu Trang

thai ha Hieu trang jpg


Model Thanh Hang

thanh hang jpg

Thanh hjang2 jpg


Teen model Thuy Top

Thuy Top jpg


Model Vo Hoang Yen

vo hoang yen 4 jpg

Vo hoang yen1 jpg

vo hoang yen2 jpg

vo hoang yen3 jpg


Model Ngoc Diep

Ngoc Diep jpg

Ngoc Diep4 jpg

ngoc diep jpg

ngoc diep2 jpg

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