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8/22/2019 3:29:44 AM

Mpgio Lisse S10

Mpgio Lisse S10??? what is that? Yes, new mp3 player from Korean company Dadam Design and it is a 4 direction player. the smallest mp3 player ever I think

it is a sliding MP3 player, measures 46×40x11mm at 22g, the Mpgio Lisse slide from left to right and up and down. It has an OLED, USB connectivity supports 14 different languages, A-B repeat, 150 hours of recording, and MP3, WMA, WAV playback. And will be available in six different colors which include the Titan Blue Luxury Edition (4GB).




You might wonder what is 4 sliding direction, yeah the 4 directions are north, south, west, east, but the slides are not to reveal buttons or anything, they work as the button (eg slide down to enter, slide left or right to navigate). That it is. Check out for more pictures. 












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