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12/13/2018 12:32:24 AM

Beautiful Umbrella Art


 Have you ever thought that something as simple as an umbrella can be used to create beautiful and creative art installations… Check out this collection  

Cumulous Light Canopy by Steven Haulenbeek : Beautiful lighting concept by Steven Haulenbeek utilizes photographer’s translucent shoot-through umbrellas as modular components to create a scalable light canopy. The accumulation of these umbrellas, hung upside down, creates a cloud form




 Abri N°177 by OzCollective: Beautiful art installation by OzCollective is made from umbrellas connected with cables and is big enough for a person to fit inside











Bloom by Sam Spenser : Creative art installation created by a college student. Umbrellas look like they were blown out of their owners’ hands into a tree








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