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3/21/2019 8:50:21 PM

Acer Aspire One gets blinged for Valentine's Day


Blinged notebooks are not a new thing anyway, and they are not as porpular as blinged phones. However, taking advantage of this  Valentine’s Day, it is just around the corner to every lovers. This time, Japanese model Momoka Eri, who also happens to be a business woman, has added the bling factor to the already stylish Acer Aspire One notebook.  I bet your girl will love it very much.




The notebook has been festooned with a lot of Swarovski crystals and beads. Momoka actually owns a company that pimps out gadgets like mobile phones, notebooks and PSPs. If you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your gal, this decked out Acer Aspire One notebook might be a god option. But then again, you have to be in Japan only to lay your hands on this beautiful creation


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