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5/22/2018 11:35:30 AM

Skinny Florida woman becomes a 900lbs (400kg) mom after giving birth to first child

Dominique Lanoise strikes a pose at home in Miami, Florida. Single mom of six Dominique has been virtually housebound for the last 16 years as her children wash, feed and care for her.

As her weight soared to more than 600 lbs, she spent her days sitting on her bed, without clothes to fit her, or even a television for entertainment. But Dominique is finally starting to turn her life around and is losing weight thanks to a liquid diet as she waits for life-saving stomach surgery.

“I used to be skinny but after I had my first baby I got so big,” said 40-year-old Dominique who had her first daughter, Witelane at age 16. Dominique’s six devoted daughters Witelane, 24, Fabienne, 23, Sheila, 21 Tesilia, 20, Gelowe, 16 and Jeanna, 14, have spent the last few years cooking, washing and caring for her.


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