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1/16/2019 3:15:04 PM

Pinky Tree family

Hi everyone,  I gonna show to you guys a family of pinky tree, I bet you all are looking for a very special present to give to your lover this valentine, why not this pinky tree???  well, it is not just simple a tree, It is a living tiny plant growing in a two inch capsule;  people who get this gift can keep it everywhere they go.  It can be used as a key chain, a hangbag accessory, a mobile phone charm and a tabletop accessory etc . The baby Tree will roughly grow in its “incubator” from 6 months to one year. When it becomes too big for the capsule, your mobile plant will need to find heaven in a real pot .  Vey cool , check out all of them


Let check out some more particularly:


1. This is cleo or  Anacampseros rufescens ( Latin name): Its name, of the Greek "anacamptein" which means to return and "Eros" which means love, refers to a grass used formerly in filters of love which are supposed to facilitate the return of being loved.



2. Dyno or Opuntia monacantha : Its latin name makes reference to the Ancien Greek people "Opuntes" where plants similar to cactus grew and to "monacantha" (from greek monos meaning alone and akantha meaning unique thorn).




3. Smoothy: Mammillaria Albilanata Its latin name comes from the word “mammilla” meaning nipple.




4. Aramis or Senecio radicans: Born in the south-west of the Southern Africa (Namibia), Aramis flowers in winter and at the beginning of spring. Its name comes from Latin “Senecio”, derivative from senex, which means old man.
Its small cream-coloured flowers emit a sweet fragrance recalling the smell of cinnamon.





5.  Tiger Jaw or Faucaria tigrina:  The "Tiger jaw" plant is native to South Africa like all the mesembryanthemums. The name comes from the fact that the shape of the leaves and position of the thorns resemble a tigers jaw.




5.  Petite Rose: a rose for your lover, a very romantic gift for all lovers, they can keep it in car or in bedroom, remind you of him or her wherever you bring it with you.




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