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11/20/2019 2:44:01 AM

Gadget gifts for Valentine

Here I got for you a collection of gadgets for this valentine. Just some stunning ideas

For her:

1. Hello Kitty Kira Deco Headphone


The headphones everybody need: the Hello Kitty Kira Deco Headphones! These new really cute and Kawaii Headphones will allow you to enjoy your favorite song for a long time. The Hello Kiity Headphones are not only stylish, but they will provide you a nice sound, and a real listening comfort.


2. Heart Shape USB 2GB Memory : the usb 2.0/1.1, with size 49 x 52x 15mm




3.  Couple Kissing Octopus USB Memory 4GB 

Couple Kissing Octopus USB Memory 4GB. These two colors represent a lovable couple- making it a great gift on Valentine's day!

4.  Barbamama Mouse & Mouse-Pad



For him:

1. Gundam USB Memory




2. Gun O’clock



3. 4.3 inch USB Monitor 





4. Darth Vader USB HUB  




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