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10/23/2018 3:55:42 AM

"Pig Beauty" contest


Hey there is a really tradition from Chinese people, they call it the beauty Pig contest. Well-decorated pigs are laid in rows to compete for this year's "big pig competition", a folk tradition . Villagers from Shantou, southern China's Guangdong province, flock to the annual "big pig" competition, which is usually held in the first month of the lunar New Year 



The pig with the heaviest weight and most beautiful decorations will be declared the winner. After that, the meat will be shared among relatives and friends  . Soooo, that means the most beautiful pig will be aten first .  I just wonder, what if human being! .....what's bad award   



The tradition, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was originally held by villagers who sacrificed their pigs to pray for good luck and dispel epidemics



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