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10/14/2019 9:34:57 AM

3D Guile from Street Fighter



Guys, this is a rendition of Guile from Street Fighter II,  I know that some of you might love this game very much, my cousin spends the whole weekend for it.. till his mom kicks him out of the room for dinner....man !  that's nasty. Guile is created by Michael Ryan Kime, Guile's personalities as described by Ryan Kime: 

“Guile, who is normally a clean, sturdy, symmetrical character has recently lost his best friend Charlie thanks to M.Bison. He hits the street fighting tournaments a somewhat disheveled and distraught rendition of his former self, living, eating, and breathing Charlies fall every waking minute. Air Force Stuff: Dog Tags are worn so that there is a long one and a short one. Both are identical, but in the case of death or hospitalization etc… the long one can be removed from the body, while the short (closer to neck) one is to remain with the body at all times.”





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