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10/21/2018 2:32:29 AM

The Worst Tattoos In Music I

While most tattooed rock stars look damn cool, there are other stars who will surely regret their dire tattoos in years to come. Featuring plain aesthetically-challenged art, names of former girlfriends, barcodes, scrawly writing, plenty of clichés and even serial killers, Gigwise presents the worst tattoos in music... Check them out..



Jamie Foxx: As well as having crazy patterns tattooed across his arms and shoulders, Foxx also has this tribal tattoo on the back of his head


 Jeffree Star: The self professed Queen of Cunts clearly likes to shock. What better way to stir up controversy than to couple a tattoo of murdered child beauty pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey with one of Hannibal Lecter



Evan Seinfeld: The former Biohazard man surely went way over-the-top?! It seems porn stars like this look though, he' s married to Tera Patrick after all




Amy Winehouse: The queen of terrible tattoos, her left arm contains the most famous body art with a 'Daddy's Girl' horse shoe and naked lady




Boy George: The shamed pop star has also got pretty shameful tattoos. The massive star highlights his bald spot, while the flower on the top of his neck is just turgid.




Travis Barker: Another rock star who takes body art to the extreme, some of the drummer's tattoos are of questionable taste, most notably the huge stereo system across his stomach.



Marilyn Manson: It's hard to tell whether Brian had the tattoo of a one-eyed monster done to try and shock people or to take the piss. Either way it looks naff.



 Tommy Lee: While some of his tattoos look pretty good, such as the lions, the 'MAYHEM' across his chest is cringe worthy.



Lil Wayne: Some of the superstar rapper's tats are actually mightily impressive. But the tears beneath his eyes?! Give us a break.




 Paul Wall: It may be expensive Paul, but you definitely haven't got any taste. 

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