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7/7/2020 9:41:58 AM

Ayumi Hamasaki & the USB thumb

Are you fan of Ayumi Hamasaki?  incase you dont know her, a Japanese singer-songwriter and former actress, a very beautiful lady, I show you guys pictures later. What's news today is  Avex will release Next Level, which is Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album in USB memory stick.  Avex will release her new album on March 25th, 2009. In this USB thumb drive, you will have 13 new songs and 6 promotional videos. The album should cost around 6,800 Yens or €60.....




Ayumi Hamasaki is a famous and cute J-Pop singer in Japan. I dont really like her music I guess because I dont understand japanese but I like her pretty face ;)






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