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8/23/2019 4:24:48 PM

Beautiful Hmong stars

This is a very cool collection of pretty singer stars in Hmong world. I like thier traditional clothes on Hmong girls, look weid and cool! and I like the last singer.  Most of them are raised up in America, so it is quite hard to find them in thier traditional clothes. But anyway, enjoy it! 

Paj Zaub Khab:  Miss Hmong California 2006 and Miss Hmong International 2008

Paj Zaub Khab







Lwg Dej Yaj




Amanda Vang: not a singer but an American model and clothes that she is wearing are hmong inspired =]



Paj Huab Tsheej




Ayouduo:  she is a famous Miao Singer from MainLand China. I think she is really pretty and I like the fact that wherever she go to perform, she always wear Hmong clothes, I really like this traditional clothes on her




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