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5/27/2020 8:31:32 AM


 iPirates game

Money is earned by sinking ships. Your ship contains 4 slots for cannons and 4 ammo slots, which can be filled by cannonballs for a dollar apiece. There are cannon stones for free if you are short on cash.

You’ll also unlock varying ammo types along the way, such as chained balls, piercing balls, rum barrels, monkeys, and more. Some of these are a little more costly, though you can sell ammo back to the shop if desired.

The items contained in the ammo slots reside above the cannons on the game screen. Drag from the desired ammo location to a cannon to load. Enemy ships will continually appear from the sides of the screen. Tap a cannon to fire. Hold a cannon for a more powerful shot. Tilt the device to cause the trajectory of the fired object to bend left or right. After each shot, you’ll need to drag another object to reload the cannons.

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