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5/27/2020 9:02:26 AM

Viet model Ngoc Quyens nude photos for environment stir controversy

Recently the vietnamese supermodel Ngoc Quyen “bravely” launched completely nude photos which she took in the woods of Moc Chau plateau in the northern province of Son La, Viet Nam on some newspapers.

Quyen said the photos were taken to attract the public’s attention to the surrounding environment, which is being destroyed by humans. However, Quyen’s photos were not praised. Most people said that this 23-year-old model attempted to polish her name with the photos. Many doubted that the photos were beautified with Photoshop


ngoc quyen1 jpg

“It is normal for models to take nude pictures but nude photos must have good ideas and be aesthetic. Regrettably, Ngoc Quyen’s nude photos do not have good ideas or aesthetics. I only see her naked body, with her hands barely covering her private parts, which occupies most of the pictures. Her face is emotionless. I don’t feel anything about the environment,” a VietNamNet’s reader commented

Meanwhile, model Ngoc Quyen said that she was ready to accept criticism over her nude photos. She chose this way to protect the environment because: “I want to do a thing that nobody dares to do, which will make a big hit. Many people think that it is dirty to be nude in the forest but the nature is the most beautiful when it is wild, when people mix with the nature.

She said that she didn’t intent to use her body to polish her name. “Let’s see what is behind me, not my body. That’s the untouched and beautiful natural landscape. It can be beautiful like that forever if we know how to preserve it,” Quyen said. ( via Vietnamnet)

Pictures in the album

ngoc quyen2 jpg

ngoc quyen3 jpg

ngoc quyen4 jpg

ngoc quyen5 jpg

ngoc quyen6 jpg

ngoc quyen7 jpg

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