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9/24/2019 9:35:57 AM

Man accidentally shot his leg while trying to put a seat belt on

The victim who carried a gun says:

“What the hell was that?!?” he said. It took me a half a second to realize that my gun had just gone off…on my hip…in its holster. My wife and I had just finished breakfast at our favorite café and got into the car. Me being the passenger, I rotated my torso to the left to fasten my seatbelt like I always do. When I straightened again, my Glock 19 discharged, blowing a 9mm hole through my pants, underwear, the leather seat and bottom of the car’s door frame. The bullet nicked my hip, but the wound is nothing a bandage couldn’t cover.

So what went wrong? Guns never go “Bang” all by themselves. After ensuring I wasn’t hemorrhaging profusely and didn’t have to make a dash for the hospital, I stayed seated in the car as my wife came around to my door and opened it. I undid my belt and slid the Galco JAK202 Slide Belt Holster, with the gun still in it, off my belt. Why it went off was immediately apparent. ( source from itstactical.com)


accidental gunshot 640 01 jpg

accidental gunshot 640 02 jpg

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accidental gunshot 640 04 jpg

accidental gunshot 640 05 jpg

accidental gunshot 640 06 jpg

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