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10/18/2018 8:55:42 PM

Hand carved wooden Godzilla figures


 A Japanese company called Morita Shouji  is selling figures of Japanese super monsters Godzilla, Mothra and three-headed King Ghidorah that are a bit special for three reasons. They are hand-crafted, made of wood (unlike the plastic monsters used in the movies) and very expensive. The manufacturer exhibited these handcrafted wooden figures at this year’s Tokyo International Gift Show

The company is selling the Godzilla and Mothra models for $3,000 and up, hoping that wealthy Japanese Godzilla fans can’t resist and buy all 20 of each of the wooden figures. But the price for the figure of mighty King Ghidorah really stands out: $23,000. The thing stands 260cm high and weighs 150kg.



  Check out this video for a real show of wooden Godzilla

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